Here at KnE Guitars we pride ourselves for our quality of product and service to you the customer. We work hard to make sure every body we produce it exactly what you want.

Custom bodies are really all we do. We don't make your body until you order it. This way you get exactly what you want. From the pickup configuration to the bridge style, You get exactly what you want.

As you are aware all KnE bodies are made using CNC routing machines in our shop. We control it all. This can prove a challenge when it comes to making custom shapes but we are up to it!

Now for the Nuts and bolts of it. WE can make your dream body. The price will vary depending on what it is you want done and the type of wood you want it made from. Please bare in mind the design you have in your head or on paper may not really work in practical application. We will work with you on this. Just send us your sketch, drawing, vector graphic, Illustrator 10 or below File (*.ai or *.eps) or anything you have to show us what you want your body to look like. NOTE: We will return all your drawings to you but it is best you make copies and send them instead.

The Following are the BASE guidelines we use to make a custom body:

Scale Length 25.5"
Neck Required   21 or 22 fret Neck
Neck Heel Dimension   2 3/16" x 3" x 5/8" radiused heel
Pickup options and mounting style   Click here for all the pick up routing options.
Pickups can be hard mounted or with rings.
Bridge Style and

Click here for Bridge routing options

If you have a neck or hardware you wish to use we will work with you to match those parts to your custom body. You will need to ship them to us at your cost and we will work with them to fit them to your body

The cost of your custom body will depend on the type of wood, amount of wood needed to make the blank (Sorry we will not use blanks provided by the customer!) , any custom programming or neck matching and the finished body.

If you have any questions please let us know by emailing us are

We Look forward to working with you!


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