All our bridge routs are to spec. All OEM parts will work as will after market. If you have any questions about the available routs please let us know. We will always work with you to give you exactly what you want.

All our bodies can be routs for every bridge style shown here unless noted in the specs for that body.
Hardtail Bridge Routs
  Vintage Hardtail (3 Screw) T-Vint hardtail

Sting-thru body requires 6 - 5/16" ferrels Sting-thru body requires 6 - 5/16" ferrels
Gotoh 5 Screw Hardtail
2 1/16" String Spread Sting-thru body requires 6 - 5/16" ferrels
  ABR-1 Tune-o-matic Schaller Wrap-around  

    Recessed Tune-o-matic   TonePro Style TOM  

All our Tune-o-matic Bridge routes can be with either a standard tail stop or with string-thru using a 5/16" standard Ferrule in back with 1/8" Ferrule on the front.

The Neck pocket will be cut according to the the bridge style chosen.

Tremolo Bridge Routs

All Tremolo rear spring pocket routs are the same and will accommodate all OEM and after marker springs and claws.
All tremolo bodies are cut for flush mounted, non floating(dive only)tremolos standard(excluding Recessed Trem).

All bodies can be cut for a floating tremolo (pull up and dive) upon request. However we recommend against this. If you want more versatility with your new guitar it is best to have it cut for a NON-Floating tremolo. If you want it to float you can shim the neck at the heel end. this way you can always change it back to non-floating.

Vintage Tremolo   American Standard

Standard 6 Screw or 2 screw




  Kahler   Wilkinson VS100N  

Fits the Kahler 2300 and 7300 series tremolos


    OFR and Lic. Locking Tremolo   Recessed Locking Tremolo
($15.00 Fee)

Post holes are cut for Original Floyd Rose bushing/post.
Also Available in 11mm Gotoh Posts holes.
        The Recess is cut to factory recommended depths. There is a $15.00 fee for a recess cut.

*Please let us know which Locking Tremolo system you are using. We route for Original Floyd Rose, GOTOH, Schaller, Edge and Edge 2/3.
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