Rear Routed Bodies
  H S x H H x H S S S
  S S H   H S H   S H H   H H H  
    AS x H   AS x AH   H x AH   AH  
S-Vint Body Top Routs
      Standard Vint     SSH Vint     HSH Vint     Universal  
T-Vint Body Top Routs
     S x S    S x H    H x H
Routing Specs

Pickup routs can be cut for hardmounted pickups(Pickups screws directly to the wood) or pickup mounting rings. Please specify when ordering.
EMG and P90 Routs are also available though not shown here.

There are many other pickup options available also. If you dont see it here, email us.

There is NO EXTRA charge for these routs as specified here.

Routing Specs
All S-Vint Routs are to spec. OEM or aftermarket pick guards are required. This routing pattern comes standard for a 11 screw pick guard. 8 screw control pockets are available upon request at no EXTRA CHARGE.
Routing Specs

T-Vint routs are to spec for standard pick guard and bridge mounted pickups. OEM or aftermarket pick guards, control covers and jack cups will work.
There is no EXTRA CHARGE of these routs.

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